Jeep Truck Ridiculous Jump

A jeep truck classic “hold my beer, watch this” moment from the Southwest Missouri Off Road Ranch. The jeep appears to have suffered greatly and the driver was complaining about a sore neck. One of the best Jeep Truck Ridiculous Jump.

Would a stock jeep truck Wrangler be “Jump Worthy”?

What I mean is – I know most (if not all) say Trail Rated but what about going over hills fast enough that you get air?

It might make a couple jumps successfully, but after a couple things are gonna start to give. control arm brackets, shocks, motor mounts, the like. It will all break. Jeep truck were made for the road not the air.

No vehicle is jump ready…except maybe that F150 they had on top gear.
If your going to jump it, get ready to shell out for repairs.

I was once stupid enough to jump my first jeep truck drive off a hill. you know what happens if your wheels are not perfectly straight when you land? you wreck, and you wreck bad. every one who saw my truck after were surprised that i was still alive. in the hands of your average, every day driver, NO vehicle is jump ready. you think jumping your vehicle is a good idea, then you do it with no one else around, cause when you crash, you don’t want to find out that your stupidity got some one else hurt or worse.

jeep truck

jeep truck


Changes for 2015 include the new paint colors (including, new for 2015, Tank (dark olive green), Sunset Orange, Copper Brown, Baja Yellow, and Firecracker Red.) and trim packages (Sport, Willys Wheeler, Sahara, Rubicon, and Rubicon Hard Rock levels.)

Changes also include a new standard eight-speaker audio system, a new nine-speaker system that includes a subwoofer, a package that bundles steel wheels with 31-inch tires for Sport models, and a Torx tool set that’s standard on all models, allowing owners to remove the windshield or doors wherever they are.

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