4×4 Mudding in Europe

Where can you 4×4 mudding in Europe?

Many offroaders like to take their vehicles abroad to explore off road possibilities in foreign places. The advantage of going to Europe is you get to drive terrain you wouldn’t normally find on home soil – like great craggy mountains under a blue sky, and that’s just for starters to go 4×4 mudding!

Scandinavia has come good 4×4 mudding tracks, but law’s vary from country to country.

Take Denmark for example, there is very little greenlaning, but plenty of off road sites.

In Sweden you can drive the forest tracks with a special permit. The annual Sweden Off Road Tour is enjoyed by 4×4 mudding drivers from all over Europe who converge on the country for a trip to the Arctic Circle, driving off road as much as possible!

But the most exciting Scandinavian country for off-roading is Iceland. You’ve seen the photos and videos no doubt, so I don’t think anymore has to be said for Iceland!

Today though, the most rewarding destinations for 4×4 mudding are probably the former Eastern Bloc countries like Poland, Hungary, Romania the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Croatia has lanes and tracks that you are entitled to drive, but it’s always best to seek the services of a local guide, as many areas are still blighted with land mines left over from the conflict there in the 1990’s.

In Holland & Germany, 4×4 mudding is illegal.

The only downside of the Eastern European countries are that criminal gangs still roam around in some areas. Remember to travel in small convoys to be safe and always check local laws before venturing off road.

So there you have it, a brief round up of European countries where you can, and can’t drive off road. If you have anything to add, or got some more detailed information about a country, then why not add it to the comments below.

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