Gladstone Qld 4×4 event

The Gladstone Qld & District 4wd Club Inc. are the organizers of one of the up and coming most popular extreme 4wd Competitions. It’s right in the Australian backyard in the Lowmead district south of Gladstone Qld, Australia.

The Competition began in 2010 on a private property in the Lowmead district. Lowmead is a small country settlement south east of Miriam Vale, with a population of approximately 225 people. The property “Clarkey’s Petrolhead Paradise” has been opened up to the public for recreational purposes for some year. With both bikes and 4wds enjoying what the property has to offer. The Lowmead 3 Car Challenge wouldn’t be possible though if it wasn’t for the generous hospitality and endless support from the property owner “Clarkey”. They are always on hand to help out and thoroughly enjoys watching everyone enjoy his little corner of this great country!

Try to go visit Kalpowar State Forest in Gladstone qld. On eof the top 5 off road tracks in Queensland!

How to get there: For the scenic route, head south towards Miriam Vale on the Bruce Hwy before diverting left onto Blackman’s Gap Road and left onto Gladstone-Monto Rd before a right onto Kalpowar Rd.
Otherwise, continue south on the Bruce Hwy for about 38km, until a left turn takes you to Kalpowar Rd, directly to the state forest.

Why it’s great: A tranquil bush setting, with not another vehicle or individual in sight, is a four-wheel driver’s idea of nirvana. With tracks for the moderate offroader right through to the most daring adventurer, Kalpowar State Forest is the cream of the crop for four-wheel drivers around Gladstone Qld.

Tips: A support vehicle could make you feeling more confident with challenging yourself and your vehicle. Take a map to ensure you get the most out of the day without needlessly getting lost.

Watch Out for: There are many dirt bikers making the most of challenges. Keep an eye out for them, and another eye out for bikers in trouble.

gladstone Qld

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