Japan 4×4 Jeep Jamboree

Japan 4×4 Jamboree 15th

After selling well in the North America and Middle East markets, Toyota Motor Corp. has decided to test the waters for an off-road vehicle back in Japan, 20 years after the popularity of powerful off-road vehicles began to wane with the public here.

American Humvees, made by AM General, have become an increasingly frequent sight on Japan 4×4 roads, in part as a status symbol but also possibly a backlash against the ongoing trend for compact vehicles that use less fuel or, better still, hybrid or electric cars with zero harmful emissions.

Who’d-a-thunk we’d ever go to Japan for a wheeling story? OK, did any of you even know there is wheeling in Japan? And then do you really care?Next thing we know, we’re crammed in the back of a 747 sleeping our way to the island hierarchy for a few days of mud, rocks, dirt, and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Hit the rails and traveled to the Nara Trial Mountain 4×4 testing facility in the tall pines. Wait, tall pines in Japan 4×4 mountains? Yup, and better yet, this is a private park formed out of the owner’s own forest, where they do logging year-round!

Nara trial mountain is the most famous Rock Crawling rally in Japan has been held. The manager in this course is Tsuda brothers. They have won 6th place a prize by SUPERCRAWL V of UROC. The EXTREME rally is held twice a year in this Nara trial mountain.

Theirs also a lot of place to off road in Asia. there Thailand, Malaysia and even China with a vast choice of mountains. There less secure than the ones in the US or Europe, but there a good challenge for a real off road kings.

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Japan 4×4

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