The Maxxis Tyres (UK) King of Portugal is just around the corner! You need to check your pulse. This is the final race in the ULTRA4 EUROPE series Championship. If you love ULTRA4 Europe Please help us spread the word.
The course will be the toughest one Portugal has given us to date. Course designer Jose has worked for months to make the final round of the Maxxis Tyres (UK) ULTRA4 European Championship. The perfect conclusion to what has been the toughest series to date.

ULTRA4 Europe have been working hard on improving the safety of our racers. With this in mind we have added a new material which we recommend you build your trucks with if you are thinking of a new build. You will see many of the established builders already using this for a reason. It is designed for motor sport and is super strong. Thanks to ‪Proformancemetals‬ for making ULTRA4 racing safer.

The first round of the 2014 Maxxis Ultra4 Europe series kicked off in Scotland with the Maxxis King of The Glens. A great event that pushed competitors and their vehicles to the limit!

The 2015 King of Wales race (formerly King of the Valleys) marked another huge step forward for Ultra4 Europe. Returning to Walters Arena in Glyn Neath for the fourth year in a row. Teams from the US, Portugal, France, Italy, Malta, England, Wales, Scotland, and even Belgium lined up and battled it out over two grueling days.

KING of portugal

The final round of the Maxxis Ultra4 Europe series takes place in Portugal. The competitors will be competing for the prestigious King of Portugal crown!
Don’t miss it! i will be starting on the 23rd of September and will finish on the 26.

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