Outback 4×4 adventure – Holland track

The Holland track and beyond

The Holland track is one of those bucket list outback 4×4 tracks if you are local to Western Australia.

The track was first cut in the old gold rush days back in 1893 after Gold was found at Fly Flat near Coolgardie.

A 37 year old John Holland took on the challenge to cut a direct 500km route from Broome hill to Gnarlbine Rock south of Coolgardie.

A few had tried to accomplish cutting a direct route before Holland but failed.

John Holland and his small crew including Rudolph Krakouer, Davaid Krakouer & John Carmody, managed to cut the entire outback 4×4 track in just 65 days. This was done with no fossil fueled machinery and no GPS systems or aerial mapping either.

Keep in mind there were no combustion vehicles around in the 1890’s, transport was by horse and wagon or on foot.

Holland and his crew where the first none indigenous people to travel through this bushland and cut their way through.

Now the title is Holland track and beyond, the beyond part is the Woodlines track and other awesome points of interest including great campsites. They really enjoyed the Holland track but the Woodlines track was the highlight of this entire trip.

The track is well signed the entire way, which makes it very hard to get lost. Way points below will only list campsites and points of interest (the important parts).

They started our 4 day outback 4×4 journey 50km east from Hyden which is where the actual 4wd section starts from.

They started from the track entrance by about 9:30-10:00 in the morning and headed north towards Coolgardie. The entrance is clearly signed and has an area to air down also there is a little bit of history about John Holland and the track on the information board.
Outback 4x4

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