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There’s been a paradigm shift in the automotive industry, and Starwood is at the forefront of that shift, creating unrivaled products that inspire.  Innovating every day to find better ways to create cooler products.  Disrupting an industry that has seen little change in past decades, with one goal in mind …To build a time-tested brand and customer centric culture that reflect the craftsmanship and pride seen in Starwood’s products, inventory, and people at Starwood.  It’s no secret that the lifeblood to any great organization is the people. The unparalleled experience of the entire staff draws off more than 200 years of combined automotive experience. With over 55 employees, everything is handled in house with pride and a personal touch.   Having pioneered the custom Kevlar Jeep infused with DuPont™ KEVLAR® Pulp, the Starwood Brand has since become one of the industry’s largest and most well respected names for their fully customized Kevlar jeeps, trucks, and innovative designs.  Every part of the time intensive customization process is done in-house, creating a quality control that is unmatched.

Starwood Motors is creating an unprecedented experience for all customers all over the world.

Kevlar Jeep finish is nearly impervious to scratches and chips. Head turning looks and exotic appeal, packaged in a finish that will protect your vehicle from the elements. All this backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Turn your vehicle into something extra ordinary.

Starwood Customs uses only the best technology in paint protection material and their installation process puts us in a class of their own. Starwood have the science down to a “T” and this allows for optimum protection, with very little in weight added to your vehicle. In most cases less than 30 lbs. Starwood strip, prep, and spray the vehicle with only one result in mind, perfection. No one else can provide the uniformity in texture, the longevity, and the assurance that the value will remain.

Starwood Motors

Kevlar Jeep

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