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Whether you’re into Jeeps or
not, you have to admit the Jeep brand has generated one heck of an aftermarket
over the past few decades.  Almost any Jeep part or
accessory imaginable has been (or will be) produced and sold to die-hard
Jeep fans around the world.  So many parts in fact that very
successful businesses are built around selling nothing but parts and accessories
for Jeeps alone!  As a Jeep fan, imagine sitting back with a thick
nothing-but-Jeep catalog.  It’s like a kid in a candy store.  So when
it comes to finding a few small, inexpensive upgrades it can be almost
overwhelming.  So we put together a short list of five very cool, useful
but very cheap Jeep upgrades.  Our list is JK Wrangler specific but these
same upgrades are available to previous generations of Jeeps as well.  Let
us just say up front, if you decide to grab one of these cool upgrades, be sure
to shop around.  That big Jeep catalog is not necessarily the cheapest
source.  In many cases we found the same item on Amazon and being sold by
the manufacturer for as much as 15 bucks less than what we thought was the best
price out there!


Rugged Ridge  Hood

Why it’s cool:  First
off, Rugged Ridge Aluminum Hood Catches look awesome.  Compared to the
stock rubber and plastic hood catches that discolor 3 months after leaving the
dealership, these hood catches are a huge upgrade in appearance.
Manufactured from cast aluminum with stainless steel hardware, they
are durable, super easy bolt-on install, adjustable and strong.  Ever hear
of hood flutter?  That’s where your hood seems to be lifting slightly at
higher speeds due to air blowing in through the grill.  Jeeps are
notorious for hood flutter thanks to the cheap rubber hood catches that come
with the hood.  Say goodbye to hood flutter with these sharp catches.
Sold in pairs with a limited 5-Year Warranty. Price: As low as $88.99 on Amazon from Rugged Ridge.


GraBars Grab Handles for Front and

Why it’s cool: Sometimes you just need a good, solid
place to grab hold of when you’re getting into your Jeep or just wheeling
through a tight spot.  The most common grab handle for the Jeep is the
roll bar wrapped nylon loops.  They’re fine in most cases but with many
Jeep setups, the best place to have a grab handle is more forward towards the
windshield.  From that location you can leverage yourself up and into your
seat more easily.  That’s exactly what these handles do.  Fabricated
from solid 3/4″ rod and powder coated with UV protected textured paint, each front
grab handle mounts to the windshield pillar with the supplied
hardware to factory bolt holes going you a very solid, ergonomic place to lift
yourself into your Jeep.  the rear grab handles mount to the roll bar in
factory bolt hole locations using the new supplied hardware.  Each Grabar
comes with a rubber grip for a secure hold.  The perfect handle for a
lifted Jeep.  Designed for the Jeep JK, Jeep TJ and Jeep YJ.  Comes
with all the necessary hardware and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer
defects and workmanship.  Manufactured in the U.S.A.

List Price: $97.00 for front only
List Price:$165.00 for JK 4-Door (Unlimited) Front & Back GraBars Set
List Price:$165.00 for JK 2-Door Front & Back GraBars Set

Grabar Grab Handles are
distributed by Welcome Distributing and sold by multiple online distributors.
Did I overuse the word distribute and its derivatives?


Quadratec Front & Rear Entry

Why it’s cool: This is one of those Jeep parts
that just seems like it should have been factory standard equipment.  If
you’ve ever stepped on the door threshold with wet boots, you may have
noticed how slippery that painted threshold can be.  Plus with a new Jeep
it’s only a matter of time before that painted threshold becomes scuffed,
chipped and rusted.  For under 50 bucks, you can attached these super easy
to install entry guards, protecting the fresh paint or just covering up the old
and scuffed up entry.  Then no longer will you be slipping off as you step
up.  Made from black thermo plastic elastomer making it extremely
durable for a lifetime of abuse.  No drilling or cutting necessary as
these threshold guards attach using 3M peel and stick attachment tape.
Made in U.S.A. and backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Quadratec Part Numbers:
2-Door Jeep JK – 13113.5000 listing for: $29.99
4-Door Jeep JK – 13113.5001 listing for: $39.99


Rugged Ridge Black Rear Tail Light

Why it’s cool: Jeep tail lights have always
been known for how they stick out from the body leaving them vulnerable to
damage.  With the Jeep JK the tail lights were designed to protrude a
little less than previous Jeep models but they still are out there susceptible
to trail damage.  Several manufacturers have designed Jeep JK tail light
guards varying in price from under 50 bucks up to around $200 for the Mopar
branded guards.  Rugged Ridge designed a set for Jeep Wrangler 2007-2015,
2-door and 4-door Unlimited that not only looks good and functions well for
protection but also sells for a price at the lower end.  These all
steel guards are extremely easy to install and look great to boot.  No
drilling or cutting, these guards only require a Phillips screw driver to
install.  Available in gloss black powder coated steel and the sell for
around $47.00 for the pair.  Available from most catalog distributors
including Amazon.   Prices vary so shop around!

Bestop Locking Under Seat Storage Box

Why it’s cool:  Jeeps are notorious for their lack of security and a prime target for easy break-ins.  Why? Well perhaps the easily sliced soft top may have something to do with it. So many manufactures have stepped up and created lock boxes that fit various locations including strong boxes for the center console location. Jeep however has responded to the need for lockable storage space with a locking center console, which is nice.  However the locking factory center console is flimsy and easily broken into with a strong yank.  So that leaves your valuables vulnerable and with some valuables you simply can’t take that risk.  Bestop stepped up with this line of under-seat bolt down locking storage boxes for the Jeep JK that are not only hard to see from outside but seriously tough to break into. Fabricated from heavy-duty 16 gauge carbon steel using welded construction and a pick resistant lock, these slide out locking storage boxes offer 205 cubic inches of storage space for a great price. Measuring 17″ long x 7 1/2″ wide x 3 3/4″ high, these under seat boxes will not interfere with your feet no matter if you are sitting in the front driver or front passenger nor will it take any foot room away from your rear passengers.  Finished off with black textured powder coating, they are a must have for any Jeep owner that may need to leave behind items that they can’t afford to lose to a would-be thief.  Extremely easy to install, no drilling or cutting and bolts in using existing hardware. Available from most catalog distributors including Amazon. Prices vary so shop around! Priced around: $55 Driver Side and $65 Passenger Side Notes: Does NOT fit 2011-current Wrangler 2 door models.  Fits 2007-2010 2-door, without interference.  Fits 2007-2010 4-door, without interference. Does NOT fit 2011-2014 2-door.  Fits 2011-2014 4-door with extra installation steps.

Cheap Jeep Accessories 

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