Overland Challenge 2015

The 2015 Overland Challenge is taking place in New Hampshire and will run a 4 day route from the NH/Maine border in Southern NH, up Mt. Washington, through and around the White Mountain National Forest, down to the Central NH/Vermont border, and will finish in the South Western part of the state.

With two vehicles per team, you will pit your overland skills against the other teams in a battle to first place.

Your vehicle, equipment, resilience, skills, and relationship with your navigator/co-pilot will be pushed to the limits and only one team can emerge the victor!

Each day of the route will have a different  challenges, from being lost in the woods on miles of off-road trails to countless scenic overlooks and sweeping paved curves. This adventure is designed to showcase what overland travel is all about. The teams that are prepared for adventure will prevail.

 All teams will be subject to a tech inspection before departing the staging area. Teams who fail tech will be given the chance to correct any failed items and re-inspect. This tech inspection is for the safety of all participants, staff, and the general public. This event will take place primarily on public and open roadways. If your vehicle can not pass tech, it should not be on the road. There is a copy of the tech inspection sheet posted below. Teams are hereby given plenty of warning for what will be inspected. BE PREPARED!

Along with the normal challenges faced in any off-road or overland adventure, each team will be wrung through a series of challenges painstakingly crafted by our staff to punish both vehicle and driver.

The drivers will arrive to camp at night, weary and broken. they will awake the next morning to do it all again. At the end, we are all in this for the same thing; the title of “Winner”. The three teams with the most points at the end of the event will receive trophies and prizes. More importantly, they will receive confirmation of their overland prowess and vindication that their grueling efforts throughout the week paid off.


Be ready for a lot of mudding, rock crawling and crazy off road challenges!

Be part of offroadkings. Be a off road king!




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